22Mar 2019

Technology News in Kuwait

Zain 'Best Mobile Operator,' 'Best Internet Service Provider' in Kuwait during 2018
Service Hero recognizes Zain for seventh time, second consecutive year
TechnologyPosted on February 17 2019
CITRA and Microsoft supercharge IT skills set in Kuwait
The event is designed to supercharge skill sets of the country's software architects and developers
TechnologyPosted on February 16 2019
Banned caller ID application reinstated due to discontent
The paradox was that applications were strengthened to their legal position
TechnologyPosted on February 12 2019
Zain showcases available vacancies to COEP graduates
During the event, Zain showcased its leading experience in the telecommunications industry
TechnologyPosted on February 11 2019
Tech devises overuse has detrimental effects on children: experts
The usage of electronic devices have led to a remarkable surge in the number of children
TechnologyPosted on February 05 2019
Zain platinum sponsor of Mirzaam Expo, Kuwait's biggest interior design event
Zain participated in Mirzaam Expo through its own dedicated booth titled 'Zain Smart Home.'
TechnologyPosted on January 27 2019
Social media addicts suffer from bad decision-making
'Addicts fail to learn from their mistakes'
TechnologyPosted on January 27 2019
Top 10 issues in Kuwait cited on social media
According to observers, these groups range from people with multiple accounts who post their tweets at the same time using the same direction and content.
TechnologyPosted on January 25 2019
Kuwait loses unique cheap Internet - 400 percent increase in rent
A number of users have warned against the decisions
TechnologyPosted on January 24 2019
Iran's satellite fails to reach orbit
The rocket had successfully passed its first and second stages before developing problems in the third
TechnologyPosted on January 15 2019
Electronic crimes dropped
2018 dropped to nearly 50 percent from 2017
TechnologyPosted on January 15 2019
'Nothing is wrong in purchasing through Internet, social media'
Vital info about product should be provided
TechnologyPosted on January 15 2019
'Personal social media accounts, sites publishing ads do not require licenses'
The statement incited strong reactions and criticism on the lack of legislation
TechnologyPosted on January 11 2019
'ISPs set to hike service charges soon'
Sources indicated some of the companies, based on this decision
TechnologyPosted on January 09 2019
2019: The year of the data-driven digital ecosystem
Our planet has made its trip around the sun and as we close out 2018
TechnologyPosted on January 09 2019
Kuwait, Saudi Arabia to receive PAC-3 missiles worth $3.4bn
The contract announcement did not state how many missiles each country would receive
TechnologyPosted on January 02 2019
Drone delivers vaccine to baby on Vanuatu isle
Vanuatu is the world's first government to contract a commercial drone company to deliver vaccines
TechnologyPosted on December 20 2018
Zain showcases BEAM high-speed wireless internet service at Avenues
Zain has always been one of the first companies interested in acquiring the latest technological applications
TechnologyPosted on December 18 2018