18Dec 2018

Politics News in Kuwait

Govt accepts oil minister's resignation
The minister had come under fire from several MPs over alleged squandering of public funds by top oil executives
PoliticsPosted on December 18 2018
MP urges vote to scrap hikes; row persists on early retirement
The law allows Kuwaiti employees to seek retirement five years before time against the two percent cut every year
PoliticsPosted on December 17 2018
Parliament committee discusses proposed amendments on pensioners' indemnities
Minister attends rain investigations committee's meeting
PoliticsPosted on December 16 2018
Business hub hope on credit overhaul
Assembly approves 8 reports from Foreign Affairs panel
PoliticsPosted on December 13 2018
Assembly orders probe into Zour refinery, solar project
Kuwait, Saudis 'close' to neutral zone deal - Experts warn of long-term low oil price
PoliticsPosted on December 13 2018
First reading pass on retirement bill
Speaker laments passing of former mp ismail dashti
PoliticsPosted on December 12 2018
MPs overwhelmingly approve amended early retirement law
Bill passes after government agrees to 2% cut in pensions
PoliticsPosted on December 12 2018
Lawmaker proposes govt buy debt again
Assembly panel meets bedoon jailed illegally
PoliticsPosted on December 07 2018
Muwaizri shuns panel meeting on PM grilling
The committee decided to renew its invitation to Muwaizri for next Monday
PoliticsPosted on December 06 2018
MP Adasani reiterates rejection of fee hikes, taxes
The fresh rejection comes amid reports that Kuwait has decided to delay the appointment of the five-percent value-added tax until 2021
PoliticsPosted on December 03 2018
MP seeks minister's removal, hints at 'interpellation' of PM
Follow Constitution, says Boushehri
PoliticsPosted on December 02 2018
Assembly refers PM's grilling to Legal and Legislative committee
Opposition fumes over alleged mishandling of rains
PoliticsPosted on November 28 2018
MPs query Kuwait investments, preservation of heritage, asphalt
MP wants to know the fields where the country has invested, rate and stability of returns and overall percentage of investments
PoliticsPosted on November 27 2018
National Assembly to debate Prime Minister's grilling over rain
Financial panel rejects new govt proposals for retirement
PoliticsPosted on November 27 2018
Political crisis looms over prime minister's grilling
Court to rule on assembly seats next month
PoliticsPosted on November 26 2018
Govt failed to implement replacement policy for 15 years: Lawmaker
Total number of workers grows by 3 percent annually: MP
PoliticsPosted on November 25 2018
MP warns govt over granting citizenship to non-Muslims
The committee will add a number of new draft laws to its agenda like bills on bankruptcy, tenders, privatization and others.
PoliticsPosted on November 22 2018
Proposal approves Kuwaiti citizenship for non-Muslims - Bid to achieve equality
The citizenship of any dependent of the apostate is also rendered void
PoliticsPosted on November 21 2018