21Aug 2018

Politics News in Kuwait

New Clause to Protect Kuwait Identity
New clause indicates that people from a single country should not exceed 25 percent of Kuwaitis
PoliticsPosted on August 20 2018
KD623m Public Money Lost in Cases involving Government
Some of the cases have been dropped through court verdicts which were filed against state institutions
PoliticsPosted on August 15 2018
Cabinet to Consider Providing Services to Wafra Residential Area
On the concluding minute,the ministers congratulated His Highness the Amir, His Highness the Crown Prince, Kuwaiti people and residents on the occasion of the approaching Eid Al-Adha
PoliticsPosted on August 14 2018
State departments told to prepare lists of replaceable expats by March 2019
Efforts to increase Kuwaitis in administrative jobs in private sector
PoliticsPosted on August 12 2018
Staff Banned from Using Social Media under the name Fatwa: Al-Mosad
The department personnel also prohibited from posting public or political opinion
PoliticsPosted on August 09 2018
Ministers briefed on senior officials' recent visits to Kuwait
Kuwaiti cabinet holds weekly meeting
PoliticsPosted on August 07 2018
Women in Kuwait granted full political rights
Kuwait has become one of the first country in the Middle East to give full political rights to women. Gulf news agencies reported that the oil rich state has granted full suffrage after decades of campaigning by women's rights campaigners.
PoliticsPosted on August 04 2018
Kuwait stands firm for its actions to combat Human Trafficking-Minister
Kuwait is always on its right path with right moves to combat human trafficking in all ways-Deputy Foreign Minister Khaled Al-Jarallah
PoliticsPosted on July 31 2018
Kuwait memorializes Iraq's 1990 invasion
Kuwaiti government commemorated Iraq's 1990 invasion and paid tribute to all those martyrs and the innocent victims during its seven month occupation
PoliticsPosted on July 31 2018
Kuwait blogger shows no sign of backing down
Sondos Al Qattan says criticism against her is aimed at "Islam, Kuwait and Gulf"
PoliticsPosted on July 28 2018
Duterte plans to visit Kuwait in October to thank for endorsing to his demands
Philippine president Duterte to visit Kuwait to thank for accepting his labor welfare demands
PoliticsPosted on July 27 2018
Theresa May propounds the importance of GCC unity
British PM wishes for the restoration of Gulf Cooperation Council's(GCC) unity
PoliticsPosted on July 25 2018
Manila mandates $10K deposit for each helper hired
Despite signing a memorandum of agreement between the governments of Kuwait and the Philippines in May, a new problem has arisen on recruiting domestic workers from the Philippines, said Chairman of Domestic Labor Office Owners Khalid Al-Dakhnan yesterday, noting that the Philippines authorities recently issued executive decision number 10/2018 concerning the implementation of the agreement, but added a new condition.
PoliticsPosted on July 22 2018
Migrante demands apology from Kuwait celeb who ranted vs maids' day off
"By projecting herself as a slave-owner, Sondos exhibits intoxication in her overinflated ego and false sense of superiority," says Migrante
PoliticsPosted on July 21 2018
MP Ouda Al-Ruwaiee commends government's efforts to identify persons with forged qualifications
Al-Ruwaiee pointed out that Kuwait University is also not free of violations and it suffers from malpractices including intellectual property rights violations.
PoliticsPosted on July 19 2018
Kuwait and Saudi Arabia forms coordination council
Saudi Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir visited Kuwait to sign the agreement on the council .
PoliticsPosted on July 18 2018
Permit to allow special passports to former lawmakers and retired officials
The addition has bought a new clause to the Article 8 of Passports Law No 11/1962.
PoliticsPosted on July 18 2018
Ministry of Social Affairs denies any remarks from UN on social aid
The sources confirmed that they will continue paying the monthly aid to those who are eligible for receiving the aid.
PoliticsPosted on July 18 2018