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Law and order News

Minister rejects municipal council decision on shisha in cafes
The smoking of shishas in cafes has been rejected by the Minister of State for Municipal Affairs Engineer Waleed Al-Jassem
Law and orderPosted on January 17 2020
Kuwait commemorates 14th anniversary of Sheikh Jaber's death
Kuwait is set to commemorate the 14th anniversary of the passing away of former Amir Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah on January 15
Law and orderPosted on January 14 2020
MOI Probing Drones Flying In Two Sites
The MOI is investigating the sighting of two drones over two sensitive facilities in Sabbiya and Al-Siddeeq areas
Law and orderPosted on January 07 2020
Investigations are dedicated to receiving complaints over 24 hours
The general department of investigation has dedicated the telephone line (1888988) to receive complaints over 24 hours
Law and orderPosted on December 30 2019
Kuwaitis and Expats who leave the country while on sick leave will be arrested upon arrival
The introduction of the new system will make it difficult for any employee from obtaining sick leave when he/she is outside the country
Law and orderPosted on December 29 2019
New Year Holiday Declared
The Civil Service Commission (CSC) announced that Wednesday 1st and Thursday 2nd of January will be the new year holiday
Law and orderPosted on December 22 2019
Kuwait Amir signs decree of new Government
The new formation of the State of Kuwait Cabinet as follows:
Law and orderPosted on December 17 2019
Double PCC clearance for expats entering Kuwait
Foreigners seeking new employment in Kuwait would be required to produce a Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) from their country of origin, and one from Kuwait Ministry of Interior (MoI)
Law and orderPosted on December 16 2019
Kuwaitis included in fingerprint verification at airports
The Ministry of Interior has made it obligatory for both citizens and expatriates to check their fingerprints when they leave or enter the country.
Law and orderPosted on December 14 2019
Civil ID necessary for entry, exit from country
It cannot be used in place of a regular civil ID at the airport to exit or enter the country
Law and orderPosted on December 14 2019
Kuwait - Delivery boys targeted
The General Traffic Department of the Ministry of Interior has decided to come heavy on the motorcycle riders in all governorates of Kuwait
Law and orderPosted on December 13 2019
 Kuwait issued 65,888 travel ban orders on locals and expats
Kuwait has put travel ban orders on almost 66 thousand Kuwaitis and expats this year according to the latest statistics from the ministry of Justice.
Law and orderPosted on December 12 2019
Kuwait to open shelter for male domestic workers
Kuwait plans to open a new shelter for male domestic workers, Kuwaiti Deputy Foreign Minister Khaled Al-Jarallah said Wednesday.
Law and orderPosted on December 12 2019
1 month imprisonment and a fine of KD 100 for eating in public during fasting hours
Citizens and residents hereby instructed to call emergency number 112 and report negative incidents.
Law and orderPosted on May 06 2019
Imprisonment and a fine of up to 50 thousand dinars The penalty of dumping environmental waste
The Ministry of the Interior announced the implementation of the law firmly on those who dump waste from Jaber Bridge pointing out
Law and orderPosted on May 05 2019
Payment of telephone bills to avoid automatic cutting on the 28th
The system will be implemented automated cutting programmed on the 28th in the event of non-payment
Law and orderPosted on April 10 2019
The General Directorate of Investigations has issued executive regulations on the mechanism for the handling
Law and orderPosted on April 03 2019
 Kuwait parliament Oks Strict penalties against illegal food trade
There are also other harsh penalties, namely imprisonment for not less than three years, along with KD 50,000 fine
Law and orderPosted on March 21 2019