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Allow the transfer of residence of expatriates from small projects to private sector
The Authority is considering issuing a new decision regarding the expatriate labor registered on small projects
JobsPosted on August 21 2019
Asian workers: Save us from human traffickers
The General Authority for Labor Force is exerting great efforts as part of a strategic plan to
JobsPosted on July 11 2019
Maryam Al-Aqeel : Tests of competence for expatriates include 80 professions
Professional competency testing for all professional levels of expatriate workers through the
JobsPosted on June 08 2019
11 thousand government employees exceeded their 30 years service
Which about 8,000 are Kuwaiti and about 3,000 are expatriates
JobsPosted on May 27 2019
15 thousand Kuwaitis are unemployed
Kuwaitis looking for work from engineering specialists registered with
JobsPosted on May 24 2019
No unemployment in Kuwait
The government offers jobs and there are those who reject the offers of
JobsPosted on May 06 2019
Doctors from India to work in centers and hospitals
The recruitment of doctors from India to work in hospitals and centers of
JobsPosted on April 28 2019
Hiring expats in Kuwait's oil sector declined by 50%
Sources pointed to nearly 50 percent decline in the appointment of expatriates in
JobsPosted on April 17 2019
14,828 unemployed citizens registered in Service Commission
The number of the unemployed citizens according to the latest statistics reached
JobsPosted on April 16 2019
Lawmaker claims importing expats hurts jobless Kuwaitis
MP Safa Al-Hashem said yesterday that "importing" expatriates and
JobsPosted on April 10 2019
Awqaf Ministry terminates 220 staff
Terminated 220 supervisors, educational staff and arts instructors
JobsPosted on April 09 2019
Newly graduated Kuwaiti engineers protest - No Vacancies at KNPC
A group of newly graduated Kuwaiti engineers who passed the Kuwait National Petroleum Corporation (KNPC) acceptance test
JobsPosted on April 09 2019
The beginning of the salary of the Kuwaiti nurse
Minimum salary of the Kuwaiti nurse 1500 dinars instead of 870 dinars
JobsPosted on April 07 2019
KFH hires 80 Kuwaitis in a day at recruitment event
Kuwaiti youth recruitment event where it hired 80 young Kuwaitis out of a total of 150 job applications
JobsPosted on April 07 2019
MP warns govt, says expats are taking jobs of Kuwaitis
The lawmaker called on the government to speed up replacement of expatriates in government jobs with nationals
JobsPosted on April 04 2019
Al-Fadil: We have returned to accept all successful candidates in petroleum engineering tests
"We have reached a 30% quota in oil companies
JobsPosted on April 03 2019
Assembly delays 35-day annual leave amendment
Labor law amendment to increase annual leave in the private sector from 30 to 35 days
JobsPosted on March 21 2019
MP calls for special session on jobs - 'Thousands of positions could have gone to Kuwaitis'
He said a number of citizens and labor unions showed interest in his request
JobsPosted on March 19 2019