21Feb 2019

Health News in Kuwait

MoH refutes 'shortage' of two medicines in Mubarak Hospital
The claim made by Ministry of Health that alternative medicine from Bayer German Company
HealthPosted on February 18 2019
Hereditary diseases center treated 12,000 families
80 percent of whom are Kuwaitis.
HealthPosted on February 17 2019
Kuwait marks Int'l Childhood Cancer Day
Stressing the vitality of spreading information on how to prevent cancer
HealthPosted on February 15 2019
Boushahri Clinic chief warns against 'fake medical advts'
Especially with the presence of several fake
HealthPosted on February 14 2019
Poultry farms, products in Kuwait safe
All the samples have proved negative
HealthPosted on February 14 2019
First cardiac electro-physiological procedure performed at Hadi Clinic
First ever procedure of its kind performed in a private hospital in Kuwait
HealthPosted on February 14 2019
MoH gets approval for maintenance, op and management of incinerators
The sources pointed out that the Ministry of Health is preparing to set up an incinerator for the private sector
HealthPosted on February 07 2019
MoH official affirms 99.9% accuracy in AIDS checkup clinic
The clinic does not only provide examinations and checkup
HealthPosted on February 07 2019
Health Ministry seeks latest developments in surgical performance to meet challenges
Kuwait Post-Graduate Assembly in Surgery underway
HealthPosted on February 05 2019
KD 176m health insurance paid in 2 years
Lists and statistics received by the ministry are crosschecked
HealthPosted on February 04 2019
Health ministry recalls Zordyl mouthwash
Suspending and withdrawing all Zordyl mouthwash supplies
HealthPosted on January 29 2019
Pregabalin, Gabapentin by prescription - MoH
Maximum 60 days in one prescription
HealthPosted on January 28 2019
MP queries London health complaints
He explained that Adan Hospital is one of the busiest hospitals in the country
HealthPosted on January 21 2019
Construction of new Adan hospital to finish by 2020
On the project, the official said it entails major renovations to the sprawling medical facility
HealthPosted on January 21 2019
Al Sayer Medical Co top sponsor of the 6th Scientific Conference
Showcases dental products
HealthPosted on January 17 2019
Clinic faces legal action for selling medicine
The decision was made following a number of complaints
HealthPosted on January 07 2019
MP questions rise in rate of cancer in Kuwait
Thyroid, colon, breast cancer most common
HealthPosted on January 03 2019
Minister reforms supreme committee for treatment overseas
According to the resolution, only two of the previous members were included in the new committee.
HealthPosted on January 03 2019