22Oct 2018

Health News in Kuwait

MoH completes preparations for inauguration of the new hospital
KU organizes cancer awareness event
HealthPosted on October 21 2018
Burgan Bank holds breast cancer awareness campaign
The bank organized an educational workshop aimed to stress the importance of healthier nutrition, regular exercise, and raise awareness about symptoms, causes, risk factors, treatment, types, and prevention methods.
HealthPosted on October 21 2018
Kuwait marks Osteoporosis Day with an awareness campaign
Osteoporosis causes bones to become weak and brittle
HealthPosted on October 20 2018
Alghanim Industries goes pink for breast cancer
Alghanim Industries organized a breast cancer awareness session at its headquarters in Al-Hamra Tower for its female employees on Thursday
HealthPosted on October 18 2018
Health ministry launches heart care campaign
The campaign aims to generate awareness over the dangers of congestive heart failure
HealthPosted on October 16 2018
Boulevard Lake turns pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month
The discovery of cancer in its early stages can accelerate the process of treatment and thus increase the rate of recovery to a large extent.
HealthPosted on October 16 2018
No medical error in five-year-old child's death: Health Minister
5,000 bedoon students transferred to schools in Jahra, Taima, Sulaibiya
HealthPosted on October 16 2018
Kuwait University organizes lecture titled 'Anthropology, Breast Cancer'
The lecture was presented by Professor of Medical Cultural Anthropology Dr Maha Al-Sejari.
HealthPosted on October 15 2018
MoH to create database of all public school students
Doctors to stay overnight
HealthPosted on October 14 2018
23 doctors accepted in specialized training courses
Delegations from Canadian universities had visited Kuwait over the past few weeks and interviewed the doctors, who met their conditions for further training programs
HealthPosted on October 14 2018
Files of patients in Mental Health Center reach 60,000
Dr Al-Harbi affirmed that the center depends 100 percent on the esystem both in the outpatient and casualty units.
HealthPosted on October 12 2018
MoH inspecting health facilities, stores to check drugs expiration
The surgeons have also treated hydrocephalus, suffered by an eight-month-old child, in addition to treating a number of refugees with ill eyes
HealthPosted on October 11 2018
MoH to review degrees of doctors, nurses, pharmacists & technicians
The certificates of the ministry staff including nurses, doctors, pharmacists, technicians and administrators will be thoroughly reviewed
HealthPosted on October 09 2018
Fingerprint system must for all medics
This measure comes as a result of demands by the Civil Service Commission with regards to the illegality of making any exemptions
HealthPosted on October 05 2018
MoH denies reports about fraud; Sets 'overtime' regulations
The ministry rubbished the news calling it pure rumors
HealthPosted on October 04 2018
MoH assigns doctors to head various medical departments
The decision issued by the Minister of Health
HealthPosted on October 03 2018
Minister takes decision prior to Jaber Hospital opening
The ministry added the other decisions taken included the necessary relocation of medical equipment and manpower in preparation for the opening of the new hospital in South Surra area
HealthPosted on September 30 2018
Probe into hospitality scandal to open Pandora's box; new details
The next few days are expected to open the Pandora's box
HealthPosted on September 30 2018