25May 2019

Health News in Kuwait

Health Minister exempts residents with strokes from emergency  fees
Health Minister Sheikh Bassel Al-Sabah on Wednesday issued a fees exempting non-Kuwaiti patients with
HealthPosted on May 23 2019
Health refers the official of public health services in Jahra to the investigation
The Ministry of Health referred the Public Health Services Officer in
HealthPosted on May 21 2019
Health is ready to face the potential war in the region : Basal Al-Sabah
Medical warehouses contain a six-month supply of medicines and medical supplies
HealthPosted on May 20 2019
The medical team in Kuwait is successful in removing brain tumors using the
A Kuwait medical team succeeded in removing a benign tumor from the brain
HealthPosted on May 19 2019
Natural compound in broccoli prevents the growth of cancer
Scientists discover the importance of broccoli in preventing and
HealthPosted on May 19 2019
Health : Continue to dispense medicines for cancer patients and no health to stop them
The Ministry of Health denied stopping the disbursement of some types of
HealthPosted on May 17 2019
Health Minister: Reduction of 291 medicines in private pharmacies
Dr. Bassel Al-Sabah announced the completion of the reduction of prices of 291 medicines,varying rates
HealthPosted on May 13 2019
1554 applications made by health licenses since the activation of the electronic system last October : Fatma Al-Najjar
The Health Licensing Department through the electronic system since its activation last October.
HealthPosted on May 13 2019
Application of electronic prescription in the Amiri and Mubarak al-Kabir hospitals after Ramadan : Health Minister
To patients through an electronic system aimed at regulating the
HealthPosted on May 12 2019
Health : a committee to review the fees for medical licenses and medical council
Decision to form a committee to evaluate, review and study the fees of medical
HealthPosted on May 12 2019
 79 new ambulances enter service within a week:Health Minister
He noted the introduction of the cardiology program soon
HealthPosted on May 09 2019
Nutrition experts: wonderful health benefits for fasting Ramadan
Fasting the holy month of Ramadan is one of the five pillars of Islam
HealthPosted on May 07 2019
Health : issuing 2162 birth certificate and death of residents illegally in 2018
The ministry issued 1948 birth certificate for illegal residents and
HealthPosted on May 01 2019
Diabetes spread in Kuwait by 23%
Diabetes is a chronic disease that accompanies the patient for the rest of his life
HealthPosted on April 28 2019
Himalayan Salt ..Does it help to control blood pressure
The rocky Himalayan salt has a pink color and
HealthPosted on April 23 2019
Case filed against Medical fee hike
Increase fees for expats who visit hospital emergency departments
HealthPosted on April 22 2019
Favorite odors may help to quit smoking
A study found that quitting smoking may be easier when smokers inhale smells
HealthPosted on April 18 2019
MOH announces expat health fees increase ..
Health minister increase the charges of medical services at the
HealthPosted on April 17 2019