21Aug 2018

Entertainment News in Kuwait

Abdulredha remains revered by bereaved fans
The passing away of Kuwait's iconic comedic actor Abdulhussein Abdulredha marks its first year tomorrow
EntertainmentPosted on August 12 2018
Mini- Album to be Released by Kuwaiti Singer Shuail
He lauded Kuwait about its keenness in celebrating occasions with its brothers and sisters
EntertainmentPosted on August 08 2018
Highest Volcanic Peak in Oceania beckons this Kuwaiti Man
Yousef AlRefai first Arab and Kuwaiti to climb the highest mountains in the world and raised Kuwait Flag on its peak.
EntertainmentPosted on August 06 2018
Kuwaiti singer Nabeeil Shuail to participate in operetta Sun of Civilizations
Operetta Sun of Civilizations rocks with Nabeeli Shuali
EntertainmentPosted on July 27 2018
 Qaffal ceremony gleams Pearl Diving Trip conclusion today by 4:30pm
Pearl Diving Trip ends today by 4:30 with Qaffal ceremony and it will telecast live by Kuwait TV
EntertainmentPosted on July 26 2018
Kuwait's novel move, 'Date Fest'
Kuwait's 'first dates' fest will inaugurate on this Friday which aims to help date producers to better market their products
EntertainmentPosted on July 26 2018
"Soorma", Indian hockey player Sandeep Singh's biopic, has hit theatres across Pakistan and Kuwait.
EntertainmentPosted on July 14 2018
Michael Ondaatje's 'The English Patient' wins Golden ManBooker prize
The book 'The English Patient' is a story of love and conflict during World War -II .
EntertainmentPosted on July 11 2018
Kuwait Singer Abdallah Al-Rowaished to perform in Okaz festival on July 12th
He will also be joined by Mohammed Abdu in the same night.
EntertainmentPosted on July 11 2018
No bikinis on beach
The Hawalli police are said to have taken 'action' against young women who were seen wearing bikini on a public beach in Al-Bida’a, reports Al-Rai daily. The daily added, this happened after a Kuwaiti woman complained to the Operations Room of the Ministry of Interior. The daily did not give more details.
EntertainmentPosted on June 30 2018
21st International Music Festival will be held in Hawalli
A Chinese cultural show will be performed by the artists from Guangxi Culture and Art Troupe on June 24 in Kuwait
EntertainmentPosted on June 22 2018
Anukreethy Vas from Tamil Nadu crowned Femina Miss India 2018
Anukreethy had already won the fbb colours Femina Miss Tamil Nadu and she beat 30 contestants to win the Femina Miss India 2018.
EntertainmentPosted on June 20 2018
Irfan Khan unleashes fear and panic in a note from London
Bollywood actor Irfan Khan who has been diagnosed with Neuroendocrine cancer has shared his tears in a warm note from London to India.
EntertainmentPosted on June 19 2018
Actor Yacoub Abdullah sustains knee injury while shooting
Television programme 'Black Ghashmara' wont be shunned
EntertainmentPosted on June 19 2018
Kuwaitis in love with Dubai , Turkey , Cairo and London to spend their Eid vacation
Al-Fawzan said that they have taken all the necessary precautions to deal with such a large number of passengers .
EntertainmentPosted on June 18 2018
First ScreenX in the Middle East to debut in Kuwait
South Korea-based CJ 4DPLEX has announced a new partnership with Kuwait National Cinema Company (KNCC) to bring ScreenX to the Middle East.
EntertainmentPosted on June 14 2018
Scrutiny against slapsticks aired on TV
MP's voiced their concern against unethical episodes.
EntertainmentPosted on June 07 2018
Female TV anchor suspended in Kuwait for calling her colleague
A female TV presenter in Kuwait has been suspended for jokingly calling her colleague 'handsome' on air. She tried to alert her colleague Nawaf who was fixing his hair.
EntertainmentPosted on May 20 2018