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Education News

Kuwait University is ranked 801 in the world
Kuwait University is once again ranked 801-1000 globally
EducationPosted on September 15 2019
87 thousand students are launching the new school year today
This year witnessed the opening of 20 new schools that were successfully operated
EducationPosted on September 08 2019
Education announces the school calendar for the new Academic year
Halfyear holiday January 19
EducationPosted on August 28 2019
Admission of 187 non-Kuwaiti students to Kuwait University for the first semester
Kuwait University (KU) announced the admission of 187 non-Kuwaiti university graduates
EducationPosted on August 25 2019
Al Ahmadi Educational Zone is preparing to open 5 new schools
5 new schools opened in Ahmadi in the new academic year 2019-2020
EducationPosted on August 25 2019
Names of 932 students admitted to graduate programs at Kuwait University Published
The Dean of the College of Graduate Studies at Kuwait University
EducationPosted on August 23 2019
Stop the entry of Bedoon children in public schools
The Ministry of Education suspended the admission of stateless children to its public schools.
EducationPosted on August 21 2019
Full transfer of 4 colleges to Shaddiya
The Ministers of Education and Works inspected the readiness of their buildings to
EducationPosted on August 20 2019
CBSE hikes registration fees for Grade 10, 12 board exams
The students enrolled in CBSE schools abroad will have to pay
EducationPosted on August 14 2019
The study of Kuwaiti students in Jordan is limited to 5 universities
The Ministry of Higher Education in Kuwait has issued a decision that allows the students
EducationPosted on July 06 2019
Education began to hand over 850 expatriates decisions to terminate their services
The documents required to cancel the residence are the original passport and two copies of it with the residence and the
EducationPosted on June 30 2019
Ministry of Education announces the temporary suspension of the appointment of teachers
The education stopped the appointment of members of the educational body from non-Kuwaitis temporarily until the
EducationPosted on June 16 2019
MOE postpone the termination of the services of 400 expatriates
The Ministry of Education, postponed the termination of services about 400 arrivals until
EducationPosted on May 25 2019
220 Expatriate support staff are terminated by MoE
The decision is effective by the end of the school year
EducationPosted on May 15 2019
Registration of children in government schools electronically
The launch of a new electronic service that allows parents to enroll their children in kindergarten without
EducationPosted on May 12 2019
MoE collects over KD 5 M through penalties imposed on absentees
Ministry of Education over the past four years has generated nearly KD5,483,367
EducationPosted on May 08 2019
235,000 students start final exams tomorrow
study in public education in grades 5 through 11 final exams for the academic year 2019-2018
EducationPosted on May 07 2019
Admission of 550 diploma holders in the oil sector
Minister of Electricity and Water Khalid Al-Fadil announced that 550 out of 644 successful candidates
EducationPosted on May 04 2019