18Dec 2018

Education News in Kuwait

School departments provided all 'amenities' to hold examinations
Reassuring students importance of value vital
EducationPosted on December 18 2018
Thriving black market to buy 'teacher' titles
Education ministry officials had warned that the decisions would be a golden opportunity for visa traffickers at private schools and institutes
EducationPosted on December 13 2018
Ministry struggles to provide school buildings
Twelve requests were received in 2018 alone from various educational establishments in all educational systems
EducationPosted on November 29 2018
Urgent need to address children's issues: Satyarthi
Education 'very important' to get rid of poverty
EducationPosted on November 21 2018
MoE denies 'extension of school hours' rumors
Bid to make up for missed lessons
EducationPosted on November 19 2018
KU to extend Cybersecurity Academy for two semesters
Program first of its kind in Kuwait
EducationPosted on November 14 2018
ABK shares 'Secrets of Successful Career' with KU students
The session was attended by 20 students who actively participated and engaged with ABK executives.
EducationPosted on November 13 2018
Father threatened - Son arrested
Securitymen were immediately dispatched to the location and they arrested the citizen
EducationPosted on November 13 2018
Youth, not oil, our greatest reserve: Sarah Abushaar to World Youth Forum
'Education is our countries' greatest defense spending against war and terror'
EducationPosted on November 13 2018
Fake degree suspect ordered to pay back KD 20,000 in allowances
The public prosecutor decided releasing the suspect if he paid a KD 1,000 bail
EducationPosted on November 13 2018
Asian and an Ethiopian held for helping maids flee sponsors
Ethiopian man and an Asian driver have been working together to help housemaids escape from their sponsors
EducationPosted on November 12 2018
KU activates regulation on 'exam cheating'
Click IT Club holds workshop on Android apps programming
EducationPosted on November 09 2018
MoE approves to provide service to deaf students
Both parties reached an agreement to form a permanent committee whose members are from the university and ministry in order to address the problems of students.
EducationPosted on November 06 2018
MoE considering to push forward dates of examination for all levels
The examinations of grades 10 and 11 will be separate from those of grade 12
EducationPosted on November 01 2018
MoE sets exam, vacation dates for private schools for 2018 - 19
Registration for new students to start April 1
EducationPosted on October 30 2018
MoE to issue explanatory memo about exam malpractice decree
The explanatory memo is aimed at standardizing the enforcement of regulations in the decree especially for the articles that can be interpreted in different ways
EducationPosted on October 29 2018
'KD 1,800 annual fees for private nurseries'
Fees should be reviewed every five years
EducationPosted on October 28 2018
MoE's charitable fund starts receiving expat students' applications
Plans to reshuffle secondary school managers during exams
EducationPosted on October 24 2018