22Oct 2018

Education News in Kuwait

New registration mechanism
Kuwait University
EducationPosted on October 21 2018
No change in school timings during winter
The starting time of the schools during winter will be the same as the starting time during summer
EducationPosted on October 21 2018
U.S. Universities to Speak with Students in Kuwait
For the past 25 years, Linden has been visiting Kuwait and helping students pursue their goals in higher education
EducationPosted on October 16 2018
Huge educational gap in Kuwait: Specialists
Nazaha demands MoE to update data for fi nancial disclosure
EducationPosted on October 14 2018
Decision to stop granting study leave discussed
Sharia College holds reception for new academic year
EducationPosted on October 13 2018
Sudden inspections to be held in private schools
The main task of the committee is conduct field visits to all the private schools.
EducationPosted on October 12 2018
Jordanian varsities did not issue any fake certificates
Al- Towaissi met the Kuwaiti ambassador in Amman and he informed him that investigations did not reveal any fake certificate received by Kuwaiti students from Jordanian universities.
EducationPosted on October 11 2018
1,400 engineers holding fake engineering degrees: KSE
More than 300 individuals on engineering work permits who are without university degree and supervising government projects that are worth hundreds of millions of dinars.
EducationPosted on October 11 2018
New list of accredited Egyptian universities has been prepared
The decision is part of attempts aimed at controlling education quality and accrediting the best universities in order to ensure the quality of the outputs
EducationPosted on October 10 2018
Debate arises over degrees of 1,400 engineers
The Ministry of Higher Education set up an impartial committee to examine the certificates, including the files of engineers: MPs said
EducationPosted on October 09 2018
PAHC to handover 15 schools to MoE
The new schools include six kindergartens, six primary, two intermediate and a secondary
EducationPosted on October 03 2018
Students for higher studies in Cairo should visit Kuwait's Cultural Office
Panel working on 'Times Exams'
EducationPosted on September 24 2018
Some suspicious offices still selling fake certificates
Offices selling certificates from Russian universities are run by Arabs and have mushroomed over the past period through social networking sites, especially the WhatsApp, claiming these certificates are accredited and approved by universities and official bodies.
EducationPosted on September 24 2018
Kuwait Airways, Higher Education ministry sign memorandum of understanding
15 percent discount for Kuwaiti students studying abroad
EducationPosted on September 21 2018
Valid University Card a must to Vote: Al-Yaqout
No student without ID card will be allowed to vote for the elections of student unions for academic year 2018/2019 at Kuwait University
EducationPosted on September 13 2018
Scholar criticized 85 Ph.D degree holders
The scholar said that these Ph.D holders' attainment of certificates without conducting researches affirms that their objective was for career climbing
EducationPosted on September 12 2018
Summer Training Program on 'Computers', comprise 160 students
This year's summer program focused on rendering a student to become a producer of technology instead of just being a user
EducationPosted on September 11 2018
AC issues completed, work normal in schools: Minister
Most of the major problems have been completed and work in all schools is back to normal
EducationPosted on September 10 2018