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Meteorology : Today's weather is hot  The maximum 44 degrees
The Meteorological Department said Saturday weather will be hot and winds will
CrimePosted on September 14 2019
Teacher Arrested For Molesting Student
Kuwaiti teacher who is suspected of abusing a student inside his office in University
CrimePosted on September 12 2019
Indian Maid Commits Suicide
A 30-year-old Indian maid committed suicide by hanging herself with
CrimePosted on September 12 2019
Wife and Indian maid raped by a friend of her husband and filmed on a mobile phone
The crime committed by a close and intimate colleague of her husband
CrimePosted on September 12 2019
An expatriate commits suicide and documents his suicide by video
He called her and threatened that he would commit suicide
CrimePosted on September 11 2019
A Sri Lankan Man Commits Suicide
Hanging himself with a rope inside his room in Khaitan areas
CrimePosted on September 11 2019
Money Disappeared From Bank Account
Police are looking for an unidentified hacker who allegedly penetrated into
CrimePosted on September 10 2019
Pregnant Filipina Found Dead.
A 41-year-old pregnant Filipino woman was found dead at an apartment in
CrimePosted on September 08 2019
Teacher jailed for life for harassing his students.
Harassing his intermediate students after school and sending them immoral photos
CrimePosted on September 05 2019
An Egyptian expatriate died of drowning in a swimming pool complex
An Egyptian expatriate has died of drowning in a swimming pool complex
CrimePosted on September 04 2019
Citizen Found Dead In Apartment
An unpleasant smell revealed the body of a deceased citizen in his bed in
CrimePosted on September 03 2019
The Egyptian Recruiting Committee in Kuwait next October
the Egyptian Recruitment Committee will be in Kuwait from October 2 to October 10 at
CrimePosted on September 02 2019
Kuwait Embassy In Japan Warns Of Heavy Rains
Kuwait embassy in Japan warned Kuwaiti residents, students and visitors on Wednesday
CrimePosted on August 28 2019
2 Indians suicide in Jaleeb and Wafra area
A 9-year-old Indian girl committed suicide by hanging
CrimePosted on August 27 2019
An Egyptian woman broke the nose of her husband
The citizen came to a police station in Hawalli governorate and
CrimePosted on August 26 2019
An Egyptian tries to commit suicide in Farwaniya
The reason was family disputes that caused
CrimePosted on August 23 2019
An Indian girl Jumps To Death
An Indian girl committed suicide by jumping from the 3rd floor of a building in
CrimePosted on August 22 2019
Delivery Man Beaten For Arriving Late
A delivery man was beaten by a Citizen for arriving late
CrimePosted on August 20 2019