24Apr 2019

Crime News in Kuwait

A girl attacking a man and breaking a cafe in Salmiya
A citizen who was sitting in a coffee shop in the Salmiya area was surprised by a woman who
CrimePosted on April 22 2019
Unknown Car burns a citizen in Qurain
A citizen reported to the security men at the Qurain station that his sister's
CrimePosted on April 20 2019
A woman in Jahra hit two men in the street
The men of the Jahra investigation investigate a woman who hit a citizen in a street
CrimePosted on April 19 2019
Man found dead at sea near Sharq..
The body was referred to Forensics for
CrimePosted on April 18 2019
Man is jumping to death in Nugra.
Police are investigating the death of a Citizen in his 60s who
CrimePosted on April 17 2019
An Egyptian kills his wife because of her chatter
An Egyptian citizen killed his wife by a dramatic end after a verbal
CrimePosted on April 17 2019
Indian Commits Suicide..
An Indian man committed suicide by hanging himself from a tree in
CrimePosted on April 16 2019
Kidnapped woman release
Police officers succeeded in freeing a woman who was kidnapped by her boyfriend
CrimePosted on April 15 2019
The body of Egyptian on the roof of a building in Jabriya
Security authorities found an Egyptian expatriate dead body on the roof of a building
CrimePosted on April 14 2019
Court jails Egyptian private tutor to life for raping 11 yr old female student
The Criminal Court has sentenced a private tutor to life imprisonment for raping an
CrimePosted on April 12 2019
 Egyptian passenger dies at Kuwait airport
An Egyptian citizen died at the time of inspection
CrimePosted on April 11 2019
Girl suicide due to family differences
The girl's father acknowledged that his daughter had taken
CrimePosted on April 10 2019
4 Egyptians rob Asian expats in Ardiya
Four Egyptians were arrested for waylaying and robbing Asian expatriates
CrimePosted on April 10 2019
Minor girl assaulted at home in absence of family members
Looking for an unidentified person for assaulting a minor girl
CrimePosted on April 10 2019
Worker dies of electric shock
A 38 year old Indian worker died of electric shock at
CrimePosted on April 10 2019
A woman caught her husband with her friend
Preparation for taking legal action against them for the crimes they committed by the law
CrimePosted on April 10 2019
Wife assaulted by brother-in-law
A Syrian woman lodged a complaint against her brother-in-law
CrimePosted on April 10 2019
Indian Man Commits Suicide
An Indian man ended his life by hanging himself
CrimePosted on April 10 2019