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Delivery Man Beaten For Arriving Late
A delivery man was beaten by a Citizen for arriving late
CrimePosted on August 20 2019
5 women kidnapped, sexually assaulted in desert.
The Criminal Investigation Department are looking for an unknown individual for
CrimePosted on August 14 2019
The staff of the place reported that the citizen's detention had expired, they tried to contact the room but he did not respond.
CrimePosted on August 09 2019
3 Workers died and 4 injured
Three Asian workers were killed in a run over by a citizen in
CrimePosted on August 07 2019
Life imprisonment for an expatriate raped his sister and had a child
The Criminal Court today sentenced a migrant
CrimePosted on August 04 2019
A young man from Kairouan was kidnapped and assaulted in Mahboula
He said that while he was walking in the Kairouan walkway at 4 am he was
CrimePosted on August 02 2019
Al-Kandari : 48 hours of imprisonment for those who exceed the speed limit and reserve their vehicle
The person himself can not expose himself to violations by following the speed limit.
CrimePosted on July 29 2019
2 die from suspected drug overdoses
An investigation was opened into the death of a female
CrimePosted on July 28 2019
Cut off the power supply for 5 houses for single occupancy in Al Wafra
As part of the continuous efforts of the municipality campaign to
CrimePosted on July 23 2019
Court sentences Bangladeshi to death for raping his daughter
He admitted to having sex with the girl since she was 4 years old
CrimePosted on June 24 2019
Iraq welcomed the prince's visit and its positive results
Positive echoes and good results for His Highness's visit to Iraq
CrimePosted on June 20 2019
 A Body on the beach of Fintas
Preliminary reports on the incident reported that the cause of death
CrimePosted on June 14 2019
The arrest of a Pakistani man defrauding the son of his neighbor
The men of the General Department of Criminal Investigation arrested a Pakistani who
CrimePosted on June 14 2019
Maid Attempts Suicide In Jahra.
An Indian maid attempted to commit suicide by
CrimePosted on June 10 2019
Filipina Kidnapper Arrested
For kidnapping a Filipina maid from the arrival lounge at Airport days ago
CrimePosted on June 09 2019
Indian Man commit suicide in his room
A 32 year old Indian man ended his life by hanging himself inside
CrimePosted on June 09 2019
An attack on a citizen of his family in the apartment of his wife's family
He was surprised by his two brothers who were living
CrimePosted on June 09 2019
An airport employee received a Filipina kidnapping and Raped!
He finished her arrival and forced her to board his car
CrimePosted on June 07 2019