21Aug 2018

Cities News in Kuwait

A Sweltering Eid perhaps
The weather on Wednesday will be extremely hot
CitiesPosted on August 21 2018
Stagnant Water Increases Mosquito Breeding in Sabah Al-Ahmed City
This problem has been worsening in the past 18 months, which in turn has been affecting their health badly especially of children and women
CitiesPosted on August 20 2018
Kuwaiti humanitarian aid gives new meaning to philanthropy
Kuwait's humanitarian aid rooted in its history: KRCS
CitiesPosted on August 19 2018
Zain concludes strategic partnership of Coded Juniors Summer Camp
The event witnessed the presence of the students, their parents, as well as representatives from the program's sponsors
CitiesPosted on August 19 2018
Union denies connection to 'fishermen chase' video
10.12 billion cubic meters of seawater for cooling consumed in five years
CitiesPosted on August 19 2018
Kuwait ensures orderly Eid celebration
Acting Director General of the Interior Ministry's Relations and Security Information Department Brig Tawheed AlKandari said preparations have been made at all Interior Ministry sectors for Eid Al-Adha.
CitiesPosted on August 19 2018
Driver dies after dump truck falls off bridge
Homicide investigation in Ahmadi woman's death
CitiesPosted on August 19 2018
World to witness high temp in coming years until 2022 - Heat threatens human life
There are hot days ahead in hot areas with low rate of rainfall
CitiesPosted on August 18 2018
'Al-Haris Al-Khafeer' joint military exercise concludes
Approximately 400 US military personnel joined 362 Kuwaiti security forces for Invincible Sentry 2018 (IS 18), a crisis response exercise conducted by US Central Command,
CitiesPosted on August 18 2018
Panel mulls proposal to reduce expats in public schools
Expats are generally not allowed to enroll their children in state-run schools, but exceptions are given to those working in certain professions such as public school teachers and medical staff in public hospitals.
CitiesPosted on August 18 2018
Explosive found in Salmi desert area
Necessary action was taken
CitiesPosted on August 15 2018
Project First Ring Road is Progressing into its Finishing
The project aims at increasing the capacity of the current road and reducing congestion
CitiesPosted on August 15 2018
PR Society joins Aman Initiative to rehabilitate ex-drug addicts
The initiative will boost the society's role in protecting the former addicts and help them to blend in with their surroundings
CitiesPosted on August 14 2018
Maritime Navigation Paused due to Bad Weather
The maritime operations got stopped since 11:00 am
CitiesPosted on August 14 2018
Operation T4 by Kuwait Airways will Start on Wednesday
The operation it will be assigned for flights departing to and arriving from Dubai, the United Arab Emirates (UAE)
CitiesPosted on August 14 2018
Divorce Increasing in Kuwait
The number of divorces reaching about 5,000 cases per year
CitiesPosted on August 13 2018
Sattva yoga warrior's awareness shoots high in Kuwait's sky
Spreading wisdom and self-mastery of body and mind
CitiesPosted on August 12 2018
No injuries in Zoor fire
Firemen from five different fire stations controlled a fire in a 1,000-sq-m building under construction in Zoor
CitiesPosted on August 12 2018