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Kuwait initiates precautionary steps against Coronavirus
Authorities at Kuwait International Airport are reported to have taken necessary precautionary steps to prevent the deadly Coronavirus
CitiesPosted on January 25 2020
Kuwaiti, Egyptian arrested for selling visit visas
Sold the visas for around KD250 each.
CitiesPosted on January 25 2020
Kuwaiti-Ethiopian MoU on domestic workers almost completed
A Kuwaiti-Ethiopian working team tasked with negotiations regarding a memorandum of understanding (MoU) on domestic workers has fulfilled 90 percent
CitiesPosted on January 24 2020
Kuwait calls on nationals in China to be cautious against Coronavirus
Kuwait called on its nationals on Thursday in China to be cautioned as Coronavirus is spreading in a number of China cities and districts
CitiesPosted on January 24 2020
14 residential areas to get weak water supply for 12 hours
Department of Water Operation & Maintenance at the Ministry of Electricity & Water will carry out maintenance work on Friday
CitiesPosted on January 23 2020
A Jordanian threw his wife from the second round in Fintas .. and fled
Paramedics and security men upon their arrival to the building after a communication found the wife in the yard suffering from fractures
CitiesPosted on January 23 2020
A traffic officer involved in a network to pass
Hosha Egyptian paid to Bengali and failed ... revealed the hidden
CitiesPosted on January 23 2020
Heavy dusty winds with a chance of thunderstorms
Heavy southeastern winds will sweep across Kuwait in the coming hours
CitiesPosted on January 22 2020
Certificates of over 11,000 engineers rejected
Certificates of more than 11,000 engineers from institutions unaccredited by Kuwait have been rejected since the start of the professional tests for expatriate engineers in 2018
CitiesPosted on January 22 2020
Death sentence confirmed on Kuwaiti for killing child
The death sentence pronounced by the Court of Appeals on a Kuwaiti man for beating and torturing a child to death in a vehicle
CitiesPosted on January 22 2020
Dubai-based Kerala family killed in Nepal was celebrating marriage anniversary,kids birthdays
The couple had traveled to Nepal to celebrate their kids' birthdays and their 10th wedding anniversary
CitiesPosted on January 21 2020
The Ministry of the Interior organizes a training course for supervisors
The Education and Training Affairs Sector held a training course under the patronage of the General Director of the General Administration of Training
CitiesPosted on January 21 2020
Indian Robbed At Knife Point In Egaila
A 26 year old Indian man filed a complaint with Riqqah Police Station
CitiesPosted on January 20 2020
Aviation Show 2020 concludes successfully
The latest versions of military and commercial airplanes were on display at the show
CitiesPosted on January 19 2020
Philippines decides to impose total deployment ban to Kuwait
A total ban on deployment of Filipino workers to Kuwait has been imposed by the Philippines Department of Labor and Employment
CitiesPosted on January 19 2020
More 60000 visited  Kuwait Aviation show
Number of visitors to the ground of Kuwait Aviation Show 2020 has exceeded 60000
CitiesPosted on January 19 2020
Consumers are being  urged to immediately stop using troligtvis traval mugs sold at IKEA stores globelly
The Swedish furniture retailer has issued an advisory to its customers to return the product, Marked Made in India
CitiesPosted on January 19 2020
Criminal Court pronounces Kuwait’s largest fine in history
The Criminal Court has sentenced a director from Jahra Municipality
CitiesPosted on January 18 2020