21Aug 2018

Business News in Kuwait

Economic Boom for Local Cloth Markets
The local cloth markets after facing a recession in the summer season, now witnessing an economic boom with the tradition of Eid clothing
BusinessPosted on August 21 2018
KUFPEC moots for tender on collecting VAT
If this tax is approved, Kuwait is expected to receive annual revenues worth KD 600 million
BusinessPosted on August 20 2018
'Protect from greedy traders'
The daily observed the activities of middlemen at the sheep market in Jahra Governorate - one of the biggest sheep markets in the country
BusinessPosted on August 18 2018
Record turnout for purchase of Turkish lira in Kuwait
Luxury Turkish products now less expensive
BusinessPosted on August 18 2018
Kuwait oil price falls to USD 69.03 per barrel
World markets have witnessed bearish crude oil prices, affected with the rallying US dollar
BusinessPosted on August 18 2018
Kuwait Wishes to be Active Aviation Hub
New facilities like a free market, restaurants etc will open at the new building
BusinessPosted on August 16 2018
Two Months Ban on Mackerel Fishing
Punishments will be levied on violators of the ban on mackerel in the Kuwait's territorial waters
BusinessPosted on August 15 2018
Livestock Market Workers Affirm Enough Sheep for Eid
Prices range from KD 60 to KD 120, which depends on the size of the sheep and its origin and Australian sheep is cheaper because of its easy availabilty
BusinessPosted on August 14 2018
KFH Agrees to Merge with Al-Ahli Bank Bahrain
Kuwait Finance House working on Islamic Sharia going to merge Al-Ahli United Bank of Bahrain, which owns traditional assets
BusinessPosted on August 13 2018
Wataniya Airways apologizes for canceled flights
Wataniya Airways affirmed its commitment and respect to all civil aviation rules, in addition to its confidence and appreciation to the hard work performed by its staff.
BusinessPosted on August 12 2018
Kuwaiti oil down USD 2.25 to USD 69.91 pb
International markets Friday saw a hike in price due to impacts of US re-imposed sanctions on Iran.
BusinessPosted on August 12 2018
Kuwait Airways pays compensation to Israeli passenger
The settlement was 2,500 by virtue of a court ruling based on a legal opinion
BusinessPosted on August 11 2018
Kuwait Predicts Stagnant Oil Price Until Year End
The price of oil in the global market is highly expected to remain within the range of $70 to 75 per barrel until the end of the year
BusinessPosted on August 11 2018
Mezzan Holding H1 revenue hits $361m
The company's EBITDA reached KD11.2 million ($36.97 million), a drop of 1.1 per cent compared to H1 2017
BusinessPosted on August 11 2018
Demand and Supply will Go up and Down with Oil Prices-Al-Shatti
It is due to recovery of the Libyan oil production, led to which OPEC and other producers announced their intention to increase oil production by one million barrels per day
BusinessPosted on August 09 2018
Expats' Investments are inevitable to Reorganize Realty Market
Experts stressed for necessary measures like relaxing provision for expats to invest,banks to extend the period of repayment of loans, a public authority to manage the sector
BusinessPosted on August 08 2018
'Pollution, climate cause of drop in fish resources'
Form policies to preserve marine life
BusinessPosted on August 07 2018
Kuwait civil aviation reaffirms compliance with int'l regulations
Terminal 4 added value to transport services: Bahrain
BusinessPosted on August 07 2018