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Arts & Culture News

The National Council promotes tourism in Failaka with the participation of ambassadors
Department of Antiquities and Museums,organized a visit
Arts & CulturePosted on April 03 2019
Italian band performs during Italian Cultural Week
'Scintillating show with fusion of jazz, folklore, rock, classic genres'
Arts & CulturePosted on November 24 2018
Al-Jabri praises HH Sheikh Salem Al-Ali Al-Sabah Informatics Award
Award supports info, communication technology
Arts & CulturePosted on November 17 2018
Cultural Office in Manama honors outstanding students
Masaad congratulated the Kuwaiti students and graduates and wished them success in their studies and upcoming careers
Arts & CulturePosted on October 30 2018
Symposium calls for more focus on Palestine in Kuwait's curricula
Organized by BDS movement in Kuwait in cooperation with Women's Cultural and Social Society
Arts & CulturePosted on October 25 2018
Dutch university opens Al-Babtain Centre for Arabic Culture
The center is a sign of cultural communication, as it eliminate the geopolitical boundaries and it is a move towards wider horizons of culture
Arts & CulturePosted on October 13 2018
Icons of the Khaleeji past: Darb Al-Zalag
Commemorated by Saudi artist
Arts & CulturePosted on October 12 2018
The Acelity Surgical Wound Forum: Fostering a culture of partnership
Content delivered by renowned faculty from across the globe
Arts & CulturePosted on October 07 2018
Libraries, bookstores vs digital age: Uphill battle for relevance
The Faiha Public Library and its counterpart in Khaldiya continue to serve their purpose despite the digital age, said Arada, who indicated that some public libraries, such as those in Aradiya and Kaifan, still conduct tours for school students to instill the importance of reading.
Arts & CulturePosted on October 05 2018
Protecting cultural values vital, says Minister Al-Jabri
The efforts of NCCAL in spreading knowledge about Kuwait's culture and bringing awareness to society
Arts & CulturePosted on October 04 2018
SADC Cultural Week 'brings Southern Africa to Kuwait'
Activities include art exhibition, food festival, musical performances
Arts & CulturePosted on September 27 2018
Kuwaitis safekeeping past and tradition through special enamel pins artwork
Making enamel pins of culturally and historically significance
Arts & CulturePosted on September 26 2018
Re-modernizing History through High-Tech Painting
Using new technology on the painting of the historical pictures will dazzle viewers
Arts & CulturePosted on September 12 2018
'Bu Adnan' family expresses dissatisfaction with the new postal stamps
The late artiste Abdul Hussein Abdul Redha's family is dissatisfied with the Ministry of Communications for the design it adopted for new postage stamps that bear pictures of "Bu Adnan" in his work
Arts & CulturePosted on September 04 2018
HH the Amir receives EID greetings from HH the Crown Prince
All wishing His Highness the Amir good health and for Kuwait glory, progress and prosperity on the advent of Eid
Arts & CulturePosted on August 22 2018
Kuwaitis Excelling at the Istanbul Global Art Festival
The festival showcasing the art of around 170 artists from the world, where Kuwaiti artists depict Kuwaiti culture and tradition through sculpture and canvas, including paintings and Arabic calligraphy
Arts & CulturePosted on August 13 2018
Petroglyphs unearthed in Kuwait throws light on retrospection of its ancient past
Most of the rock inscriptions are written in cuneiform script and it will help uncover the emergence of Arabic language
Arts & CulturePosted on August 06 2018
Kuwait Ambassador calls on Kuwaiti Tourists to Respect Thai Laws
Around 70,000 Kuwaitis visit Thailand annually and tourists are advised of being cautioned about strangers
Arts & CulturePosted on August 06 2018