16Jun 2019

Sultan International Academy

Location : Mishref
Established : NA
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Dahiyah Abdullah Al-Jaber Area, BL3 - ST. 309 H 10, Garb Mishref, Kuwait
+965 25375951/2
About Sultan International Academy

Sultan International Academy seeks to become the most authoritative research based school in the region that effectively serves students with learning difficulties in an inclusive environment. Sultan International Academy (SIA) assists students with Learning Disabilities (LD), Attention Deficits & Hyperactivity Disorders (ADHD), and related learning difference in achieving their full academic and personal potential.

Our Mission / Vision

SIA focuses on students character growth and the development of their educational abilities through the implementation of individualized educational and rehabilitative plans, which are geared to tackle student’s academic abilities in a safe Islamic educational environment. This environment should comprehend and develop student’s talents and capabilities.

Fax:+965 25375949
Number of staffs:NA
Number of Students:NA
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