16Jun 2019

AlQutoof private school

Location : Hawally
Established : NA
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327 St, Hawally, Kuwait
22600004 22650001 22600004
About AlQutoof private school

It is an educational edifice that shines among all the monuments, who does not know it? It is the world of katuf, katouf, whose fruits and genera were harvested by the parents, and it was a cure for the hearts and a blemish of wounds. It is a fact not a part of the imagination. How did the care of the god of Qatouf fail when the Queen of Hearts was declared a noble goddess who sat on a golden throne in the school of Qatouf, and God, it is a great honor that his friend did not have the opportunity to live for one moment, as she was preoccupied from the very first moment in the hardships of this mandate. She returned or appeared in the kindergarten of Qatuf, which covered the sleep from her eyes and became her concern, where she undertook to implant the unbeatable care to dazzle everyone who visited Qatuf, which became a striking example and a wish for all Mhalhov, may God reward you good O Umm Qatuf has increased the star shining and honorable teachers The tenderness that flows with love and leadership, and vows every flower N flowers Alqtov Sagatha love and care, safety and reassurance walked the ship making its Alabab surrounded by divine care.

Number of staffs:NA
Number of Students:NA
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