23Jul 2019

Al Amal Indian School

Location : Salmiya
Established : 1993
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+965 25712971/ 72, 25718573
About Al Amal Indian School

The school is affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) New Delhi, India. It is a member of the Gulf Council of CBSE Schools in the Gulf and is recognized by the Ministry of Education, Kuwait. We follow CBSE curriculum from I to class XII. Under the undaunted support of our Honorable Chairman Mr. Amir Al Moosa, able guidance of the Principal and dedicated and professional faculty, we constantly strive to upgrade the school towards excellence. There is a constant emphasis on grooming the students not only academically but morally too. The growth of Al-Amal Indian School is predicted on the foundation of excellence. Since its establishment in 1993, the commitment of the school has been to educate each individual in a manner commensurate with the highest academic standards. That is why the school\'s strength has grown rapidly, and the school is currently having more than 2400 students. At present we have 54 nationalities in our school. As we look at the history of the Institution, it will be clear as to how far it has gone in search of knowledge, and how the seed once sown has now sprung to the new heights of excellence. Learning is an ever unfolding series of challenges, with each success merely the beginning towards better fulfillment. Education is not merely to store more information in the minds of students but it is much concerned with all round development of students, which is comprised of academic advancement and strong emotional co-ordination and general behavior. Al Amal Indian School is dedicated to providing its students with a head start in the highly competitive scenario. It is a hub of intellectual and co-curricular activities. A variety of opportunities is available to encourage students to develop their abilities and talents. Students are encouraged to take part in various school and inter-school competitions like Quiz, Debate, Art & Painting Competitions, Mathematics and Computer Olympiads etc. Vocal and Instrumental music of Indian, Arabic and Western types is taught to the students. Furthermore, to bring the best out of the students, all the students from class LKG onwards are grouped into 4 houses viz- Amber , Emerald, Ruby and Sapphire. This forms a strong base of all competitions in the school, and it encourages loyalty, sense of belongingness, healthy competitive spirit in sports and other activities, respect for elders and, above all, a leadership quality among students. In this system under one umbrella students do a team work with a common objective. Each house is headed by a house-in charge and is supported by other staff members to organize and co-ordinate house activities among students. Each house has a student captain, a student vice-captain and other students as marshals and prefects, for the smooth functioning of various house and inter-house activities. All through the year various activities are conducted. Thus, eliciting the best of the students\' potential which is rewarded at the end of each academic year. The school has state-of-the-art facilities and infrastructure and a rich library, computer lab, science lab, clinic and play area with provisions for basketball and volleyball courts. Small children’s park with play materials for the kindergarten adds to the beauty of the school. Parents\' trust and support plays a vital role regarding the exposure of innate abilities in students and it is the parents\' trust only which works as an inspiration to the school team.

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