25May 2019
Last Updated : 03 May 2018

How to sort parcels in with no utilities?

If you follow the steps below you will understand to sort out parcels with no utilities in Kuwait.

Eligibility or Criteria

1) The total area of the parcel must not be less than (400) meters, the length of the frontage must not be less than (20) meters and the parcel must not be located at a turn or crossroads

2) The approval of Kuwait Municipality must be obtained

3) The plan of parcel sorting must be sent to the service ministries (Ministry of Electricity and Water, Ministry of Communication and the Sanitary Engineering Sector of the Ministry of Public Works)

Required Documents

1) Approval of Kuwait Municipality


Visit the Road Engineering Section at the Design Department of the Ministry of Public Works and submit the required document.Afterwards,Visit the Telephone Networks Department at the Ministry of Communication, located in Al-Shuwaikh Administrative building, in Al-Kendary Street, behind Al-Ghannam, in front of Honda Garage and submit the required documents  

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