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Last Updated : 29 January 2018

How to set up telephonic connection in Kuwait?

All the Telephone services in Kuwait are provided by the Ministry of Communication. You will have to contact the ministry in order to set up a connection .To start the formalities you must go to the local branch in Ministry’s Office.

During the starting procedure, you will have to pay KD 65 for installation, connection stamp duty and one year rental each of KD 30. All the local calls made from the landline are free of charge.

Essential Documents  

  1. You will need your Kuwaiti ID
  2. Proof of Residency
  3. You must pay 60 KD for the installation and subscription fees, including an additional 5 KD stamp duty.
  4. A letter from the company in which you are working confirming your salary and employment.

International calling in Kuwait

You will get an international plan from the Kuwaiti Government for 500 KD sign up free. If you make international calls daily then it will be a well idea to take the plan. If you think that you won’t make any calls then calling cards are available in markets from 3 KD to 200 KD.

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