15Oct 2019
Last Updated : 29 January 2018

How to renew a vehicle license in Kuwait?

It comes as good news to the Kuwaiti citizens that now the licenses can be renewed online using the Instant Service Machines. Earlier it was a burden to renew license in Kuwait, as there were many long procedures. Now the Ministry of Interior, announced to reduce the time of the renewing of the license in Kuwait by the installment of a Instant Service Machine.

With the Instant Service Machine you can renew your license with just three minutes .The machines will be available in all the major centers and malls in Kuwait.

Documents to carry

  1. Owners Civil Id or Pass Port copy
  2. Vehicle Insurance Document
  3. Work Permit copy
  4. Company’s notarized signatures
  5. Two personal photos , Blue background 6x4
  6. Expired license

Steps to renew your driving license in Kuwait

Step 1 Visit the nearest traffic department to your place (expats can renew license only after 4 pm)

Step 2 Find the typists that are sitting in the entrance. They will type the documents according to the details in your documents. The typists will neatly staple the documents together and will charge you KD 1 for the procedure.

Step  3 Typists will let you know the place where the person is sitting in charge of renewal of license. He will ask you for any late fines of renewal and will ask you to clear that first. After you have cleared the person will give you a document stating that you have cleared all your petty.

Step 4 With all your documents you can head to the officer in charge. You must stick a KD 1 stamp on it and the officer will sign the documents.

Step 4 After assigning the documents you must wait in the line to call your name .Once they call your name you must take your photo taken in the photo room and after some time they will hand over your renewed license to you.

Link: https://www.e.gov.kw/sites/kgoEnglish/Pages/Services/MOI/RenewLicense.aspx

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