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Last Updated : 29 January 2018

How to obtain new born residence visa in Kuwait?

The procedure for obtaining the new born residence is same as the visa for the dependents. There is also no minimum salary requirements for parents if both of them are working in Kuwait. To obtain residence or the new born, the baby’s name has to be included in the father’s passport or the baby needs to have one on his own.

After obtaining the passport the procedure for obtaining the residence is the same for any dependent.

You will have to keep in mind the most important thing in the procedure that applying for the civil ID in must be completed within 60 days after the child’s birth otherwise the parents could face legal action .

Steps to obtain new born residence in Kuwait

  1. Get the pink slip from the hospital which contains the name of the parents ,the location , date and time of the birth of the child .You will also be asked to produce the original plus copies of the attested marriage certificate , civil ID’s and passport. After submitting the documents , you will be asked to go to the births and deaths registration office at Maidan Hawalli after a certain number of days.
  2. After a few days you will have to take a visit to the births and deaths office where in Maidan Hawalli where you will be asked to give the name of the child in Arabic. Following week, you can collect your baby’s birth certificate.
  3. The birth certificate will be now attested by the Kuwait Foreign Ministry .You must also affix a KD 5 stamp on the birth certificate from the slot machine at the ministry.
  4. You must now add the baby’s name to your passport or must issue a passport in the baby’s name or you can obtain a separate passport for the child.To receive more details on it you will have to meet the authorities in your embassy.
  5. After you receive your passport, apply for the medical insurance of the child. Go to one of the officer nearby .You will have to pay KD 35 as fee for health insurance.
  6. Once you receive the health insurance, approach an immigration department near your area for baby’s residence.

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