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Last Updated : 29 January 2018

How to obtain a domestic servant visa in Kuwait ?

Residents of Kuwait can employ a domestic servant as a full time employee. There are certain conditions to employee a female domestic servant in Kuwait. To sponsor a female maid in Kuwait a man has to have his wife living with him and his children.

The maids must be between the age of 20-50 yrs.

The officials of the immigration office will come and inspect the need of a domestic servant in the house only then they can employee a female domestic servant.

In Kuwait usually a domestic servant is charged KD 1 to KD 2 an hour. Altogether monthly they will be paid KD 100 to KD 150.

Important documents needed for Applying Domestic Visa

  1. Copy of the sponsor’s and wife’s civil id
  2. Copy of the servant’s passport with eight passport sized photography
  3. Copy of the work contract for the servant
  4. Salary Certificate of sponsor and his wife
  5. Proof of ages of children
  6. Copy of house rent agreement
  7. Non relationship affidavit from embassy

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