18Aug 2019
Last Updated : 07 April 2019

How to make a reservation for Driving Test?

Check if you are eligible to apply by asking these questions:

Are you a degree holder?
Is your salary in your 600 KWD or above?
Are you a resident in Kuwait for 2 years up?
Is your current job title is exempted with the 600 KWD salary bracket (Engineer, doctor, accountant, MOH nurse, mandoub, etc..).

If you are eligible then you can follow these steps and procedure
Documents needed:

Go to any Typing / Translator Center with the copy of izn-e-amal and original ID Card, they will fill the form on behalf of you.
3 Passport size photos with blue background.
Bring the form to your office to get your sponsor’s signature with the copy of Authorized signatories.
Original Degree and translation, attested from Embassy, Foreign Affair and Ministry of Justice.
Original and copy of passport and civil id.

Steps once you’ve secured all necessary documents:

Submit documents to Muroor – an officer will check them. if there are no problem with your documents they will give you a paper for your eye test
bring the paper to the government eye clinic and bring the paper back to Muror and take a 10KD stamp
Once you submitted the documents with the eye test result, you will have your photo taken
You will be given a green paper (istimara)
Bring your istimara to any of Kuwait’s driving school.
Get your driving test schedule from muroor after your driving lesson.

Driving test day

Be sure to arrive early on your driving test day
Theoretical test will be given first before the practical test
if you pass the theoretical test then you can proceed to the practical test.

TIPS on practical driving test

1.Greet the officer with a smile.
2.Be sure to adjust all the mirrors and your seat.
3.put on your seat belt.
4.Ask the officer to put on his seat belt.
5.Check your surrounding by turning your head around before you change the gear to reverse.
6.Take it easy on accelerator and brake.
7.Be polite and say, thank you.
8.Spend time on theory.
9.Don’t try to over smart.
10.During driving, if inspector try to talk to you unnecessary, avoid and apologies to him.
11.If he suddenly ask you to look left or right, use mirrors.







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