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Last Updated : 29 January 2018

How to get internet connection in Kuwait

Mobile phone companies Wataniya , Zain and Viva provide in home internet service . Other companies that provide internet connection are Gulfnet, FASTel and Qualitynet. It is very simple to achieve an internet connection at home .To get an internet connection you must contact the internet provider and must show your documents for proof. Your documents will include your civil ID  and some money for setting up a  new connection .

You must also understand that Kuwait is a country where they restrict sites which demean respect for women. Any data or site will be removed it found offensive. Sites which radicalize men and women for terrorism are also banned from the Kuwaiti internet.  You must be very careful and must try to stick to the rules of the country. Almost 158 sites in the country are banned

Payment for the internet   won’t be much in Kuwait as there are much plans in Kuwait for postpaid and prepaid internet connection. They will also sell you packages with offers. The least that you can pay in Kuwait for internet connection is KD 15  for an hour.

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