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Last Updated : 04 April 2018

How to add a new born into fathers files?

A civil ID card is very important in Kuwait irrespective of age.  In most of the cases it takes around 10 days to receive a civil ID which is  issued by the Public Authority For Civil Information. With the help of a civil ID you can start a bank account and a buy a car in Kuwait .In case of a change in address , renewal of  residency permit or change in sponsor , your civil id must be amended accordingly .

1) The baby’s father or any legal representative must meet in person

2) Copy of the civil ID of the child

3) Birth certificate of the child

4) Civil ID of the father

5) Marriage contract and the husband’s and the wife’s civil ID

The documents must be submitted in the General Department of Citizenship and Travel Documents at any of the sections of adding newborn babies to the department of Ministry of Health.

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