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Last Updated : 29 January 2018

How to acquire a driving license in Kuwait?

Driving in Kuwait is very cheap as the petrol is very cheap in Kuwait. Instructions in board signs are written in Arabic as well as English therefore the expats find it easy to drive around in Kuwait. Traffic can be hard at times in Kuwait due to congestion in the peak hours. You must be cautious while driving in Kuwait due to the heavy traffic.

The Kuwaiti government is very strict with the rules on the road. If you break a law then the government has every right to impose on a fine on the expat.

Driving is on the left side in Kuwaiti vehicles; 120 km/hr is the speed limit on highways and 45km/hr is the speed limit on urban roads.

It is possible to drive around in Kuwait with an international license, but you must attain a license immediately after acquiring your civil ID.  Expat’s must also be careful that if their civil collapses then their driving license will also get invalid.

Are you eligible for a Kuwaiti Driving License?

  1. The applicant must have been living in Kuwait for the past two years.
  2. He or she must be a university degree holder.
  3. He or she must be getting a monthly salary of at least 600 KD (previously it was 400 KD). The amount must be mentioned on the work permit. If you are earning more and if a lesser salary is being mentioned in the work permit then your application will not be entertained.
  4. In addition to the application, the applicant must pass age and health fitness test along with the traffic test conducted by the Kuwaiti Traffic Department. It also doesn’t matter if you had already held a Kuwait driving license.
  5. To note from Jan 2016 the validity of the driving license is linked to the validity of the applicant’s license.

You will get the application form in the below link under the Ministry of Interior:

If you pass the above conditions then you are eligible for a Kuwaiti license.

Documents to carry for Applying for Driving License

  1. Passport  
  2. Original and copies of civil id
  3. Passport size photographs
  4. Letter of attestation by the company if employed
  5. Copy of work permit from the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labour or letter of employment from a ministry.

Professions exempted from getting driving license In Kuwait

  1. Drivers for public bodies and companies
  2. Domestic servants
  3. Doctors and Pharmacists
  4. Advisors, judges, experts, public prosecutors, lawyers
  5. University and College professors
  6. Teachers
  7. Social workers
  8. Laboratory operators
  9. Engineers
  10. Foreign women married to Kuwaiti men , foreign divorcees , widows of Kuwaiti men , foreign husbands , children of Kuwaiti women
  11. Mosque imams, prayer calls, teachers of holy Quran ,
  12. Librarians working in government authorities, journalists.
  13. Nursing staff , x-ray technicians
  14. Managers and graduate accountants
  15. Professionals , sport players  and coaches
  16. Pilots , air stewards and air hostess
  17. Students , graduate computer programmers .
  18. Undertakers and those in charge of burials, housewives with husbands earning more than KD 400 a month. 

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