18Aug 2019
Last Updated : 07 April 2019

How can i make a reservation for Driving Test online ?

• Choose Reservation service from the electronic services List.
• Press Agree button to open the reservation page for you.
• Enter your Civil ID Or Reference number, then press Check for Trainig Licenses button.
• Your Valid Trainig Licenses will appear then press the Inquire button.
• Enter the appropriate date of test by using the Calendar or by entering the date in the field.
• If the date you entered was fully book or holiday or invalid for any other reasons, choose another date.
• To complete the reservation, press reservation button.
• A New page will open to show you that the reservation is completed successfully, And a Reservation number will be given to you so you can use it to (Change / delete) or queries your reservation.
• Press the print button to print your reservation, this will help you to enter the test.

 usefull link:https://eservices5.moi.gov.kw/TestTime.nsf/EWebMainFrame?OpenFrameSet

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