17Sep 2019
Last Updated : 29 January 2018

Applying for a Employment visa in Kuwait

Kuwaiti labor law distinguishes two types of employees in Kuwait, private and public sector employees.   

Kuwait Employment Visa Eligibility

There is no eligibility to receive a work permit in Kuwait.

Required Documents

  1. Original signature authorization and a copy
  2. Copy of the employees passport, provided that the job stated must correspond to the activity practiced.
  3. Scientific certificate attested by the entities concerned for scientific job applicants
  4. Authenticated copy of the wage transfer certificate from the work inspection department
  5. Declaration and under taking letter from the employer to the employment section for egyptician applicants.
  6. Recent stamp with the original signature authorization.

Kuwait Employment Visa Procedures

The sponsor or the employer must apply for a work permit in the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labour. The documents essential while submitting the application are copy of the employees passport, no objection certificate from the General Administration of Criminal Investigation at the Ministry of Interior.

After he received the work permit the sponsor must send it to the employee’s home country .If the person do not have a Kuwait consulate in his home country, the sponsor must collect the visa from the Ministry of Interior in Kuwait .The person must also provide a medical certificate dully filled in the form received from the Kuwait consulate that he is free of epidemics such as Tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS.  

Kuwait Employment Visa Fees

Variable fees -0KD

Fixed Fees – 10 KD 

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