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Kuwait Musical Fountain

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Al-Murqab, on the 1st ring road, Kuwait city
About Kuwait Musical Fountain

The Musical Fountain of Kuwait was built in 1983 within an area of 16,000 m2. It offers an aesthetic sense of enjoyment to its visitors using lights, water and music.

Location: Al-Murqab, on the 1st ring road, Kuwait City

Features: The musical fountain is in a park that has 220 fountains within 3 pools, operated by circuits that are organized to control the flow of water. With the Kuwaiti music in the background, the fountain is timed in such a way that it appears to dance. The stunning sight is enhanced by colorful lightings that change with the music.

Entrance fee: free (charged during national holidays and parties)

Contact Details :

Al-Murqab, on the 1st ring road, Kuwait city

Working Hours

Monday - Sunday

4.00 p.m-12.00 am (S) 3.00 pm-10:30 p.m (W


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4.00 p.m-12.00 am (S) 3.00 pm-10:30 p.m (W)

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