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Failaka Island, kuwait

The symbol of modern Kuwait inaugurated in 1977 and made open to the public in 1979, the Kuwait towers won the Aga Khan Award for architecture in 1980. The towers were designed by a Swedish architectural firm at the request of the then Amir Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmad for a more attractive design than the other water towers which are elsewhere in Kuwait. The towers were then constructed by a Yugoslavian company.

Features: The first tower, 187 m high, has 2 spheres – a smaller Viewing Sphere which rotates 360° in 30 minutes providing a panoramic view of Kuwait, and a lower Main Sphere which houses a restaurant, café, lounge and a reception hall (dasman) in its upper half and a water tank of 4,500m3 in its lower half.

Entrance fee: K.D. 2

The second tower, 147 m tall, holds in its spherical reservoir 1 million gallons of water.

The third and shortest of the three, 113 m, serves to illuminate the towers and the surrounding areas.

Located in Kuwait city, on the Gulf Street, and stands on a promontory that projects into the Persian Gulf

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