19Mar 2019

Thousands of students miss exams

Updated : Monday, 07 January 2019, 05:30:14 PM
According to the statistics, a rise in the rate of absenteeism was witnessed last Thursday
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KUWAIT CITY(IAMINKUWAIT): As the public high school students continue with their mid-term examinations in mathematics and geography, statistics issued by Ministry of Education reveal that approximately 6,054 students missed their exams during the first week, and there are reports of about 1,159 cases of suspension from the exams, says Al- Seyassah daily.

According to the statistics, a rise in the rate of absenteeism was witnessed last Thursday for English exam compared to other exams during the first week. The number of absent students reached 1,824.

The first day of the exams recorded the highest number of suspensions – about 341 students – 162 of them in French exam, and 179 in Physics. Sources from the education sector said they expect the number of absent students to increase by the end of this week and reach 10,000 in various subjects.

At the same time, the number of cases of suspension from exams will decrease as students are adhering to the examination rules. In a related context, students who were caught cheating during exams have lost their appeal against the decision to bar them from sitting for their final exams of the previous academic year

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