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The questioning boosted confidence in the minister

Updated : Sunday, 31 March 2019, 09:25:03 AM
The minister's stay in office is only with the support of the government and the President of the Counci
By Editorial Staff
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KUWAIT CITY(IAMINKUWAIT) : The MP Dr. Mubarak Al-Hajraf and MP Al-Humaidi Al-Subaie questioned the Minister of Commerce and Minister of State for Services, Mr. Khaled Al-Roudhan. However, it was an interrogation that showed some observations. The first was the shortening of the interrogation period. Second: Dr. Al-Hajarf and Al-Subaie lawyer. Only 10 of the ten who signed the request for a one-vote trust have been approved. 

The Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Salah Khorshid, who was a former Minister of Trade, responded to Minister Khalid Al-Roudhan and his actions. He said that the minister's stay in office is only with the support of the government and the President of the Council. , Said it had begun reform, strengthened economic standards, and reduced corruption standards.
Then MP al-Humaidi al-Subaie spoke and denied the government's solidarity with the minister. Everyone knows that the government is in solidarity. 

MP Omar al-Tabtabai, in support of Minister Rawdhan, responded to the reasons for his support, the number of his achievements and reforms, the involvement of young people in the affairs of the ministry, the promotion of the micro-enterprise fund and the distribution of industrial vouchers to youth in order to prevent monopoly. Al-Tabtaba'i pointed to a previous class position on the failure to question the former oil minister. 

Then the vote began on the confidence vote in the Minister of Awqaf, and the ten who signed the letter of proposal plus one agreed to it. Those who pledged that they would have confidence in any minister to be questioned unless they were from the quarter, and confirmed the confidence of the minister 37 members.

The question is: Will the series of interrogations be repeated to Minister Khalid Al-Roudhan, such as the series that Mrs. Hind Al-Subeeh suffered and passed the trust 4 times? 

Illuminating and unknowingly, you see, we all know, but we forget ourselves what we know.

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