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Program helps improve teachers' positive thinking

Updated : Sunday, 03 February 2019, 07:30:03 AM
Main element in the educational process is teachers themselves
By Editorial Staff
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KUWAIT CITY(IAMINKUWAIT): Shiekha Intisar Salem Al-Ali Al-Sabah hailed the Education Ministry’s efforts as a main supporter of the Bareeq program, noting that the project started with three teachers focusing on positive thinking and now includes participants from 36 schools. “The change in teachers is now positively reflected on their students,” she said, noting that such initiatives help develop Kuwait through improving teaching staff members. Shiekha Intisar added that she is about to publish a book about Kuwait’s history over 400 years, during which Kuwait only suffered famine twice although it did not have enough resources, water resources or agriculture.

Meanwhile, Ministry of Education’s assistant undersecretary for educational development and activities Faisal Maqseed stressed his keenness on attending such activities, noting that cooperation with Shiekha Intisar and the Bareeq team was very fruitful in encouraging more teachers to take part in the program for the greater good of students and Kuwait in general. Maqseed added that the ministry’s undersecretaries council discussed the program and decided integrating it as a co-curricular activity starting next year.

Responding to a question whether the program would replace social and psychological workers in schools, Maqseed stressed that the main element in the educational process is teachers themselves, while social and psychological workers effectively complete teachers’ roles. “Accordingly, we will urge the program organizers to hold more training courses for teachers and increase the number of schools taking part in it,” he underlined.

Also speaking on the occasion, the ministry’s assistant undersecretary for educational affairs and research Salah Al-Majidi stressed the Bareeq program had tangible results and succeeded in positively changing students’ conduct and contained violence and bullying in participating schools to a large extent. The program’s manager Roqayya Hussein said the course has a great impact on changing personal attitudes by reviewing various stories through the program’s application.


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