25Apr 2019

MoH staffs caught clearing blood samples of expats

Updated : Tuesday, 06 February 2018, 03:06:35 AM
The results showed that two of the men had Hepatitis B and other two had Hepatitis C.
Vinila Elizabeth Varghese
By Vinila Elizabeth Varghese
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Kuwait City (IAMINKUWAIT), Feb 6: The Ministry of Health officials were arrested for altering blood results of expats, informed Ministry’s Assistant Under Secretary for Public Health Dr Majda AL-Qattan .

The health ministry conducted the tests on 4 Egyptians, considering a request from the interior ministry .The officials conducted Tuberculosis, Aids and Hepatitis test on them.  The results showed that two of the men had Hepatitis B and other two had Hepatitis C. Qattan said that the interior ministry had been observing the officials for the past four months at the foreign labor test center while carrying the samples in and out of the room.

A security Guard and a health ministry inspector were caught .Qattan said that an Egyptian women in the test center forged stamps and stuck it on the polluted sample  as clear to go. They said that they identified a number of expatriates who passed the tests, with the help of the gang.



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