22May 2019

Linking GCC-Arab power grids vital: Kuwait official

Updated : Thursday, 06 December 2018, 05:30:57 PM
Bid to boost energy co-op
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KUWAIT CITY(IAMINKUWAIT):   Creating a network and system that would link between the GCC and Arab power-grids will be vital for the development of the energy sector in the region, Undersecretary at the Kuwaiti Ministry of Water and Electricity Mohammad Busheri said Wednesday.

Speaking to KUNA on the sideline of the two-day sixth conference for the Arab Union of Electricity, Busheri said that the GCC electrical authority was setting plans to link the regional power-grid with networks in Jordan and Iraq and even beyond the Arab region in countries like Turkey.

Regarding the conference, the Kuwaiti official affirmed that his country was keen on partaking in meetings bolstering energy cooperation amongst Arab nations.

The conference focused on issues of global importance such as renewable energy technologies and resources in connection with electricity, said Busheri who indicated that he relayed to the meeting Kuwait’s plans within such domains.

He revealed that Kuwait has the ‘Shagaya’ renewable energy project, which aims at producing 70 megawatts of electricity. The project is expected to open officially next February.

The sixth conference of the Arab Union of Electricity began today with the participation of 30 regional and international entities. The Jordan-Arab Union of Electricity was established in 1987.

Courtesy  : Arab Times

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