25May 2019

Kuwait witnesses Black market of domestic workers due to ban on recruitment

Updated : Wednesday, 02 May 2018, 12:05:22 PM
Maids rely on illegal recruiters, as legal recruiting companies cannot register maids as they have instructions from the Kuwaiti government.
Vinila Elizabeth Varghese
By Vinila Elizabeth Varghese
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Kuwait City (IAMINKUWAIT): The ongoing issues of domestic workers from Kuwait and India, is providing a conducive nature to the black market of domestic workers.  The domestic recruitment offices are sitting with folded hands due to the shortage of workers in the country.

The recruiting companies are noting down the numbers of clients and home delivering maids according to their preferences. The demand is high  as Ramadan month is nearing . Most of the clients find the prices irresistible to the point that they quickly jump at the offer.

Most of the recruiting companies operating illegally offer Indian worker for KD 672 and KD 80 salary as a first timer in Kuwait, and  KD 100 for an experienced housemaid.

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