25May 2019

Kuwait stresses UNSC's key role in preventing disputes

Updated : Thursday, 14 March 2019, 05:30:36 PM
Bid to maintain int'l peace and security
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KUWAIT CITY(IAMINKUWAIT): Kuwait affirmed on Tuesday that the UN Security Council (UNSC) has a special role to avert the eruption of disputes, and maintain international peace and security.

This came in Kuwait’s speech delivered by Deputy Permanent Representative of Kuwait to the UN Bader Al-Munayekh before the UNSC on Arria formula meeting of the Council “Human rights, accountability and justice: contributions to international peace and security.”

The UNSC’s role can address the disputes before they aggravate through preventive diplomacy, mediation and good endeavors, he said.

Holding such meetings periodically have become more important than ever to make a comprehensive review and assessment of human rights situation so as to identify obstacles against its preservation in order to create new ideas that strengthen human rights, accountability and justice, he noted.

Unfortunately, there are major violations committed against human rights across the world that affected greatly efforts made by the United Nations, Al-Munayekh made clear.

It is clear for those who are following up the UNSC’s activities that the Council is holding several emergency sessions either to discuss a confl ict in which a violence and its negative effects on humanitarian situation increased or discuss a new confl ict erupted in a place that refers to new violations and crimes against humanity, he stated.

Such confl icts always include major violations without accountability, consequently justice is lost, he said.

Today, confl icts are no longer restricted by their geographic borders, but are rapidly moving to the entire world, Al-Munayekh mentioned.

The confl icts are growing rapidly faster than the rapid response by the UN and international community, he explained.

There are several examples of violations against human rights and the total absence of accountability, he said, referring to Rohingya Muslim minority who are facing killing, torture and forcible displacement that lead to an unprecedented humanitarian crisis posing a direct threat to international peace and security, he pointed out.

There are several crises, like the Syrian crisis and the Palestinian cause, that included violations which were heavily discussed by the UNSC, but they remained unsolved, he said.

Without solving such crises in accordance with the international law and the UN Charter, neither human rights will be boosted, nor justice and the rule of law will be established, and therefore international peace and security will not be achieved, he stressed.

“The peace agreement in Colombia to end a confl ict lasted for more than 50 years is currently facing several threats we hope that Colombia would overcome them,” he said.

Undoubtedly, the UN’s role to confront the deadly confl icts, humanitarian crises and heinous crimes was important to achieve peace and stability in some parts of the international community, he affirmed.

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