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KU activates regulation on 'exam cheating'

Updated : Friday, 09 November 2018, 04:00:33 PM
Click IT Club holds workshop on Android apps programming
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KUWAIT CITY(IAMINKUWAIT):   Several colleges at Kuwait University started implementing Article 18 of the exam regulations during the mid-semester examinations such that whoever is caught cheating will be prevented from attending the remaining lectures until the end of the semester and will be considered to have failed the course, reports Al-Jarida daily.

According to an insider source, the regulation was approved in the university a long time ago but majority of the academic staff are not applying it. The staff limited the penalty to failure in the exam, without preventing the students from attending the course, he added.

He said several vice-deans of student affairs in various colleges are taking the issue of cheating more seriously to ensure this ugly phenomenon is wiped out of the system. He disclosed the vicedeans are now stricter in dealing with attendance to ensure that none of the students exceed the permitted number of hours.

The source disclosed the regulation stipulates that an invigilator who apprehends a cheater should register it offi cially through an incident report with the name of the student, his student number, course, credit hours and date. The invigilator should give full description of the incident and refer it to the concerned dean who will in turn call the student for investigation. This will involve listening to statement of the student and when the cheating or attempt to cheat is confi rmed, necessary procedures will follow.

Meanwhile, the Click IT Club affi liated to the Department of Information Sciences at the College of Science and Computer Engineering in Kuwait University recently organized a workshop on programming Android apps.

According to a press release issued by Kuwait University, an IT Consultant from the Media Phone Plus Company Eng Ashraf Ali was the special guest at the event.

He used his wealth of experience in the field to assist graduating students who chose topics related to the use of Android program studio as their fi nal projects.


Ministry of Health has issued directives to the Department of Overseas Medical Treatment, government hospitals and specialized medical centers to ensure bed spaces are arranged in advance for patients who are undergoing medical treatment for chronic ailments overseas and require to be admitted in hospitals as soon as they return to Kuwait, reports Al-Anba daily quoting an informed source.

He stressed that such a decision was based on the fact that patients who return to Kuwait after completing the overseas treatment have to be provided necessary medical services in order to guarantee continuity of their treatment.

The source revealed that the directive was issued by Minister of Health Sheikh Dr Bassel Al-Sabah based on his commitment to provide the best possible healthcare services to such patients.

Courtesy  :  Arab Times

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