24Apr 2019

Expatriates holding 630 supervisory positions in the Ministry of Education

Updated : Wednesday, 10 April 2019, 03:17:35 PM
Al-Ahmadi Educational Zone ranked first in terms of the number of expatriates
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KUWAITCITY(IAMINKUWAIT) : Al-Qabas reported that the number of supervisors of expatriate employees working in the Ministry of Education is about 630, representing 0.05% of the total number of Kuwaitis working for these jobs. The sources confirmed that all expatriates who occupy supervisory jobs in education are located in disciplines that suffer from scarcity of national cadres.

Al-Ahmadi Educational Zone ranked first in terms of the number of expatriates from supervisory positions with 130 expatriates, followed by Al Farwaniya Educational District with 113 arrivals, followed by the Capital Region with 111 delegates. The number of expatriates who occupy supervisory positions in the Jahraa educational area is about 97, while in the Mubarak Al Kabir Educational Zone there are 72 and in Hawally 70 are in supervisory positions. The number of expatriates working for supervisory positions in the Department of Special Education Schools is 19, and 18 are in religious education.

Cortesy : alquas.com

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