21Feb 2019

'Disabled' youth sues dad, medics; Father 'beaten'

Updated : Friday, 12 October 2018, 09:30:14 AM
Father 'beaten' • Attempted suicide • Cig smuggling foiled
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KUWAIT CITY(IAMINKUWAIT): An 18-year-old citizen filed a complaint against his father and some officials who helped his father get a certificate testifying that he was a mentally disabled child so that the father could collect monthly allowances from the pubic authority for the disabled. The young man accused his father of destroying his life, as he was branded as ‘mentally retarded’ and failed to get a job or be accepted for marriage. A case was filed and the father and all members of the medical committee that issued the certificate are being summoned for further investigations.

Father ‘beaten’

A senior citizen recently filed a complaint accusing his son of assaulting him, said security sources, noting that the father submitted a medical report of his injuries. On summoning the son, he confessed to having an argument with his father but strongly denied assaulting him. A case was filed and further investigations are in progress.

Attempted suicide

An Arab woman was rushed to Adan Hospital in critical condition after she overdosed on some pills with the intention of committing suicide, said security sources. Case papers indicate that on returning home in Mahboula, her husband found her sprawled on the floor with a pack of medicine next to her. After being revived, she said she attempted suicide after her husband insisted on locking her up in the house and prevented her from even visiting her neighbors. A case was filed.

Cig smuggling foiled

Custom inspectors at Nuwaiseeb exit border foiled a motorist’s attempt to smuggle 100 cartons of cigarettes out of the country by hiding them in his vehicle’s fuel tank and tyres.

Courtesy  :  Kuwait Times

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