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Close the contaminated plants to the sea soon

Updated : Sunday, 23 June 2019, 10:38:18 AM
The Environment Agency announced that
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KUWAITCITY(IAMINKUWAIT) : Who saves the environment from pollution, which has increased indicators of aggravation It is responsible for oil stains that float from time to time on the sea surface? The Environment Agency announced that "this spot is a coastal source, not originating from the sea," stressing the coordination with the concerned authorities to complete the removal of factories in the region of Ashirj negative impacts in the marine environment in Kuwait. But environmentalists have warned that the marine and terrestrial environment is threatened with more pollution unless the authorities tighten sanctions and deter violations. The Director General of the Authority Sheikh Abdullah Al-Ahmad reacted to the demands of activists, and responded through his personal account on Twitter to the question about the closure of factories accused of polluting Ashirj, saying: This will be in accordance with the laws and regulations in force». The Water Quality Monitoring Team, the Center for Analytical Laboratories and the Inspection and Inspection Department inspected the site after receiving a report, surveyed the area of ??the oil spill and sampled the seawater to investigate and identify the source of the contamination, in order to take the necessary legal action against the culprit. She explained that the deal with the spot was coordinated with the Coast Guard to survey the maritime area corresponding to the location of the communication and communicate with the Mutual Assistance Center for Maritime Emergency to monitor the satellite images and inform the National Petroleum Company to take what is necessary. The Authority referred to the communication with the Director of Security and Safety at the Ministry of Electricity to ensure the safety of water from the outlets of the stations and to the entrances of the stations. And called on all establishments to abide by the laws, ensuring the protection of the environment, stressing that all actions are taken against anyone who violates the law

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