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Asian workers: Save us from human traffickers

Updated : Thursday, 11 July 2019, 06:06:27 PM
The General Authority for Labor Force is exerting great efforts as part of a strategic plan to
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KUWAITCITY(IAMINKUWAIT) : The General Authority for Labor Force is exerting great efforts as part of a strategic plan to protect the country's labor from "human traffickers" who exploit their needs to work in Kuwait through fictitious contracts for the purpose of material gain without legal obligation, exposing the applicants to the risk of deportation and material loss. While al-Qabas expressed the number of workers in the country who are residents of the country under the terms of Article 20 "served", they suffer from the exploitation of the guarantors of their need to stay within the legal framework, where they are charged an annual fee of up to 500 dinars to renew the residences for leaving to work in the street are subject to deportation in any The Minister of State for Economic Affairs Mariam Al-Aqeel told Al-Qabas that the Authority is preparing a three-year work plan, based on the State's strategy to protect people from "human trafficking". Dozens of residents in the country under domestic employment suffer from problems with their sponsors, which lead to the exclusion of services and deportation directly without obtaining financial dues or many other problems. Asian workers told al-Qabas that their entry into Kuwait was through the establishment of a servant where they got the name of a driver or a boy but they actually work in other occupations and live away from the shelter of the sponsor. The purpose of coming is to work to return the money they paid in exchange for entering the country with amounts amounting to 1000 dinars for the visa One. Some of the sponsors do not pay the monthly salaries, in light of what they described as the absence of any body that protects them from the violation of their rights, except for the management of domestic workers who investigate and then take the appropriate action, either by completing the procedures of leaving The country is still in receipt of rights, while the worker remains in the street until the complaint is completed if it reaches the labor force. Multiple careers They said that they come to Kuwait and begin to work in several occupations, starting from «the transfer of furniture, stores, construction and construction, banqueting services and wedding halls, loading and unloading goods» with a daily income of between 5 and 7 dinars a day. They added that they face constant problems of deportation from the country because they are contrary to the labor law and there are inspection committees continue to monitor the irregular employment in a number of places, especially in government projects that are under construction. They said that the expulsion from the country is a fundamental dilemma for them, since they are the first accused in the process of violation, where the sponsor refuses to deal with them when contacting him and confirms that the worker is absent and that his presence at a workplace other than the house or Aljakhor of his hands. They continued: The problem we face is the inability to transfer to other residence, whether in the civil sector or small enterprises where the law does not allow this, and we have to leave the country in the event we were arrested by the inspection committees and therefore we loser in the case. They pointed out that before the transfer of identification and deportation to the officials in the state, the investigation should be conducted with those who have been brought to the country and then given us a transfer to any sector or place that receives us in the jobs we came for, whether the driver or services inside the houses and farms.

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