24Apr 2019

Al-Adassani: Any file that deals with the inflation of current or former MPs 'balances' will be directed to the ministers or the prime minister

Updated : Thursday, 28 March 2019, 03:05:15 PM
There are measures taken for current and former deputies and traders
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KUWAIT CITY(IAMINKUWAIT) : MP Riad al-Adassani warned that any file that deals with the inflation of current or former MPs 'balances' will be addressed to the ministers or the prime minister.

He stressed that the ministers of finance and interior are responsible for the file inflated current and former deputies' assets, noting that «the deadline to reveal the facts to inflate the assets of current and former deputies and traders ended for me and I will give details».

In a press conference, al-Adassani said there is no legislative shortage regarding the file of inflated balances. If the files are not transferred to the Public Prosecutor's Office, the ministers or the prime minister, who can not be suspended, will be questioned, wondering about his role in the face of all these abuses.

"There are measures taken for current and former deputies and traders, and two current deputies have been transferred to the prosecution and a former deputy," he said.

Al-Adassani said that MP Abdullah al-Tamimi "raised the case of Ali because I said he took money from the prime minister, and Mohammad Tanna said he had given him money to resign," Faisal al-Kandari said.

He pointed out that a trader and a former deputy deal with some and there are trading and checks and cash of 11 million for a deputy and has no real estate from the beginning of 2016 to the first of October 2017, and a deputy in the 2013 Council shows the conversion of 600 thousand dinars did not find the reasons and justifications of operations at his expense.

He pointed out that there are excesses on public funds, including the investment of the port fund, which is under the supervision of the Minister of Services.

He explained that the current director of insurance is the one who prepared the fact-finding report on the port fund and made a mistake, and the competent minister was given an explanation for this error and requested correction.

Courtesy : alraimedia.com

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