21May 2019

235,000 students start final exams tomorrow

Updated : Tuesday, 07 May 2019, 01:55:53 PM
study in public education in grades 5 through 11 final exams for the academic year 2019-2018
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KUWAITCITY(IAMINKUWIAT) : Tomorrow, 235,000 students will study in public education in grades 5 through 11, final exams for the academic year 2019/2018. The Ministry of Education announced its continued fight against fraud and the implementation of the regulation that prohibits the cheater from testing all articles and punishing any committee chairman who proves his involvement in cheating, in order to eliminate negative phenomena and achieve equality among learners. She confirmed that all preparations for the second term examinations had been completed. The number of students in the 12th grade scientific and literary sections expected to submit for the final tests about 38 thousand in general and religious education and special education, and is scheduled to end all examinations on May 30, and to announce the results of the secondary before the Eid al-Fitr.

Courtesy : alqabas.com


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