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Tips for increasing drinking water

Get used to drinking water, requires training and commitment to become a normal daily habit. Here are suggestions to help you increase the number of glasses of water daily:

1. Make a realistic plan Although the ultimate goal is to drink 12 glasses of water, you have to start with a few cups and then gradually increase them slowly. Learn first about the times you used to drink water before, and then add one or two glasses at a time. Experts recommend putting a pen and paper in your pocket so you can record the timings and amount of fluids you drink throughout the day. This gives you a realistic figure to build on in the future.

2. Choose and try one of the following methods People use several tricks so they can increase the amount of fluid intake daily. So try and choose the easiest and right for you: -The water bottle everywhere you are used to sitting, such as the bedroom, the office, and the car. Note on the bottle encourages you to drink water. - Add the flavor Volume 0% Some do not like to drink water because it is free from taste. So add natural ingredients such as basil leaves - mint - lemon-orange - ginger, or any fruit you like the taste. You can also add sugar-free flavors, which are sold in the markets. - Eat fluid-rich food It is estimated that 20% of the average body fluid comes from food, there are foods rich in liquids such as berry group, citrus, melon sophisticated, melons, and cucumbers. - Select the time of drinking water Some like to follow the rules instead of leaving it open. So, set routine times to drink water, for example when you wake up, before eating any meal, after going to the bathroom, and before going out. - Before meals, One of the most useful habits to keep your body moist, and reduce the amount of food intake, is to drink a glass or two of water before each meal, especially since the feeling of thirst translates into a feeling of hunger, which leads you to overeat and then exposure to weight gain. - Used to carry a bottle of water Buy a beautiful bottle of water and carry it in your hand continuously to get used to drinking sips continuously throughout the day, especially during work and physical activity


Posted date : 20 Nov 2019
Posted date : 20 Nov 2019
Posted date : 17 Nov 2019
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