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Last Updated : 17 November 2019

How to Transfer Ownership

he Kuwait Government provides a service which assists individuals to transfer vehicle ownership to another owner, pursuant to the Traffic Laws and Provisions. You can find it here.

- The vehicle insurance must be valid
- Both the seller and the buyer must attend the procedures
- In case of transferring the vehicle ownership, the owner must present a notification to the section concerned at the General Traffic Department with a copy of ownership transfer documents attached.
-The owner of the vehicle must attend in person or their representative with a power of attorney. If the owner is a juridicial persion - such as a company, or an organisation - the representative must have a signature authorisation from the General Traffic Department and an implementation of judgement

Required Documents
- Civil ID and a copy for the seller and buyer
- General power of attorney, in case the seller did not attend in person
- Mandatory insurance document
- Determination of heirs, incase the owner is deceased
- Power of attorney from the heirs - or a letter from Public Authority for Minors Affairs on the guardianship of minor inheritors - incase the owner is deceased
- Signature authorisation, if the seller is a company

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